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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  October 25, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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that you killed a beautiful couple and left three children >> a family mourns the senseless loss of a couple killed walking their dog in menlo park. good afternoon, everybody. >> they've been identified as two on their nightly walk with their dog through the neighborhood an accused drunk driver hit them from behind >>lilyin kim spoke with the
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couple's three teen-aged children just a short time ago. they wanted to speak to us to let the community know the pain they're going through in hopes to inspire others to avoid drinking and driving. >> it's hard. we don't have anyone to look up to. we didn't expect anything to happen. we're all alone. it's -- crazy. it's surreal. he's never going to be forgiven. we lost our parents because of her. >> the suspect has been identified as a 54-year-old. abc7 news has more now on the accident and emotional toll it's taking on the family. >> family members gathered where their loved ones died about 12 hours earlier after being hit by a car while walking their dog. the two victims were menlo park residents married more than 20 years and have three kids, oldest just 18 years old. >> i told them, your father is
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not here, but i'll be your father >> police say the 54-year-old hit the two with her car, hopped over the median and hit a car going another way. she was taken to stanford medical center with minor injuries and arrested for two counts of gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated and felony under the influence >> we're going do things of legal age that, is fine. she has to look at consequences of what she does >> the couple's dog was injured and take dwroen a clinic they're optimistic he will survive. as for family members a hope this crash never really happened ones and loved ones will be back, soon. >> i hope they're breathing. i hope they're not dead. somehow god, return them back. you know? because two funerals -- i've never seen this >> the victim's brother told me
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a grandmother live was the three teenagers and more family members are expected to stay with them as they grieve of loss of their parents >> the dog did survive and faces a lng road to recovery. teddy is being treated at a clinic specializing in pets with severe injuries >> at this point we just need time to recover from brain damage, then, the care, he's going to be able to make it. he's going need intensive care. >> the animal hospital plans to return teddy to the family but if if they can't take care of him, they'll put him up for adoption. >> hundreds of angry pro testers surrounded the sheriff's office shout "ing we want justice
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"following a fatal shooting of a 13-year-old boy. many were teenagers marching about two and a half miles. tuesday afternoon, andy lopez was shot seven times by a sheriff's deputy who believed a replica gun he was carrying was a real gun. >> he was my friend have you to do it for him. we have to do this for a friend. >> records show it took just ten seconds for the deputy to decide to open fire. jant -- santa rosa police are galting the shooting >> a maintenance worker is hospitalized with a severe burns from a fire and a man who tried to help him is being treated for smoke inhalation pg&e cut power to the building forcing the
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closure of several stores in the area. a fire destroyed a restaurant. investigators say the flames spread into the walls and into apartments above >> i heard a lady yell" fire ". i can hear smoke >> when first arriving, there was a lady looking at us when we arrived >> everyone did get out safely. but the apartment sustained smoke and water damage. the red cross is helping residents find another place to live. in jant rosa investigators trying to figure out why a city bus and car crashed into each other around 9:20 this morning
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the fire chief says ten people were hurt, including the driver of the car, who had to be cut out of the vehicle. the rest were treated at the scene >> a day-long demonstration underway in downtown oakland in front of a hotel hosting urban shield, largest first responder training exercise in the country >> demonstrators using this on the second anniversary of the occupy movement for protesting against the police >> laura anthony is live in front of the marriott with more. laura? >> hi, carolyn. except for bantering this has been a peaceful day-long event. you can see there is a cross the street in front of the marriott they've had a couple rallies and speaks but again, peaceful. this afternoon, the group plans to be on the move. police say they're happy to facilitate as long as everything stays lawful >> peaceful protest. do they
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want to remain peaceful? >> with a urban shield conference, demonstrators took the opportunity to protest what is called officer brutality in the larger community >> we're concerned with this. away from community policing. away from helping the citizens. more towards oppression and domination of citizens. >> the urban shield conference comes on the two-year anniversary of clashes between police and demonstrators over dismantling of the occupy encampment at frank ogowaa plaza a spokesman says they never considered changing the date >> some are going to turn away every business here? i don't think that is good business on the part of the city of oakland >> thousands of first responders held meetings inside there was a heavy police presence outside >> we want a safe environment.
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we want to facilitate first amendment rights. you'll see a large presence of police downtown. >> demonstrators are planning a 5:00 p.m rally at the marriott. then a march for a 6:30 event there. in oakland abc7 news. >> breaking news out of chicago. a massive fire burning close to wrigley field. these are thick plumes of black smoke and flames you can see the train passing by. we're told one-story building is burning and the fire spread very, very quickly. we've got live pictures of the scene right now. you can see night is falling there. fire officials believe this started in a restaurant. it spread to one other building in the wrigleyville area. we'll keep on top of this throughout the newscast. our breaking news continues on twitter on abc7 news bay area >> christopher hubbard who terrorized the bay area in 1980s
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is scheduled for release in los angeles county the 62-year-old is known as the pillow case rapist. he admitted to 40 sexual assaults, 15 in the bay area. in the 80s the city of claremont protested against hubbard being placed there he's set to be released in the city of palm day. a hearing will take place december 4th to get public inpull putt on the upcoming release. >> no reports of damage or sglirz japan it was 170 miles from the area previously devastated by the 9.0 quake that killed 19,000 people in 2011. authorities immediately issued a tsunami advisory. four tsunamis, measuring 15 inches were reported. but the national tsunami warning center says there was no danger along u.s. west coast, hawaii, alaska or
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canada >> predictions and assurances from top obama officials on the troubled health web site. >> the man appointed to solve problems predicted it will work smoothly by late november this, on the same day health and human services secretary assured american there's is time to get the system working before the deadline. >> no one is losing health care coverage today. no one gets new benefits until january 1st. if an individual signs up by 15th december, they'll have coverage on day one. >> she says things are getting better. today, the administration announced one web site's subcontractor is being promoted to general contractor with a responsibility for fixing the site. >> well, spencer is off. but sandhya pat jell here now for us. >> looks like we've got a last warm up before fall kicks in
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>> we're going to see beautiful weather towards weekend. today, temperatures up, and they'll continue to head into that direction saturday. live doppler seven now showing high clouds passing through the bay area. they're harmless. you're probably feeling it out there oakland, up eight. half moon bay, up three degrees. from our mount tamalpais camera check out the view towards richardson bay the sun is shiebing but filtered by high clouds. 60 in san francisco. and los gatos degrees. 71 in santa rosa. it's into 70s inland east bay as you can see there from our east bay hills camera, nice pattern there. clouds passing through. first forecast this evening, high clouds, mid-50s to upper
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60s st sketching out for dinner. early plans include cool weather and patchy fog at the coast. tomorrow afternoon, it's mild. mid-60s to low 80s. >> still ahead the men that eavesdrop on the former spy chief caught talking too much on the train. >> picture mystery solved there are now reports one of the kids in a picture taken by ringo star is from the bay area. >> then, at 4:30, did a 20-year career in the nfl cause brett favre's memory loss? >> this is interstate 806789 you can see it's backed up in both directions. very slow going on this
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following breaking news outside of sacramento. a manhunt under way after an officer was shot this after the noon. a police spokesperson tells us the officer was not a member of the roseville police department but could not confirm if the officer was from ice. only saying the officer has been wounded we'll stay on top of the story and bring more information as we get i you can follow breaking news right now on twitter >> you can see how those officers were tearing down the fence trying to get into that property as quickly as possible. business news coming up in a second. first taking a look at the weekend forecast. is it going to continue to be warm? >> you bet. sunday a little bit
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of change. >> all right. here it s you can see high clouds passing through. sun is out. temperatures have come up. it's a beautiful way to end the week. here is the view from our camera. sunny skies and mild this weekend. looking at partly cloudy weather on monday. it's going to be dry for trick or treaters if you're thinking halloween, it's looking nice. there is a system sending us clouds. it's not going make it this, system will continue to remain off shore. it's very weak. so no moisture coming into our direction. there is another one we'll be. high clouds may clear out. morning starts out clear other than maybe a patch or two of fog. then, sunny warmer
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saturday afternoon. make outdoor plans if you haven't picked out a pumpkin, it's going to be nice. the system drops down from british columbia bringing us cooler weather. sierras have a shower chance but this model wants to bring moisture towards the bay area. other models going dry. for the time being, we're going dry monday and have to keep an eye on this just in case. that low actually tracks this way a little bit and brings in some rain next week. we can use it. tomorrow morning starting out cool, for kids that are off to games in the morning make sure you bundle them up. mainly clear skies other than a patch or two of fog. 80 degrees in antioch and livermore. 74 oakland and richmond. 80 in clear lake. san jose, 76 degrees, morgan hill, 78. beautiful day on the peninsula. 70 for san francisco. 67 in half
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moon bay. nothing but sunshine. checking out the accu-weather forecast, sunday, temperatures coming down a few degrees but still comfortable. low 60s there low 80s inland. monday, we notice a sharp drop in numbers. upper 60s in our warmest inland valleys more cloud cover. a cooler day. then temperatures starting to come back up again, halloween looking fantastic right now. no storms in sight. >> very nice >> yes >> thank you >> the former head of the nsa learned a valuable lesson about eavesdropping. michael hayden riding on an amtrak train giving anonymous phone interviews to reporters when a passenger decided to tweet everything he was saying. the passenger sent out tweets such as michael hayden giving reporters dispashageing quotes about the obama administration. remember, just refer to me as a former senior administration official.
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later he tweeted phone ringing. i think the jig is up, maybe somebody is telling him i'm here, do i hide? >> he has no expectation of privacy. he's in a public place. he's a loud guy in the train and folking on the phone in the middle of the restaurant saying things that are news worthy. >> my goodness the former spy boss agreed to pose for a picture with massy after word his words had been posted all over twitter. >> ringo star didn't have to wait long for identities of kids he photographed. turns out the picture was a five classmates from new jersey who cut school to see the beatles arriving at la guardia airport in new york >> the guy in the back seat is
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charles schwartz of sewn gnomea. the picture is one of 240 foet heos taken by starr. >> that is pretty amazing to get instant reaction now. >> yes >> that is fun >> business news, instagram rolling out ads. >> good afternoon, twitter inching closer to becoming a publicly trading company, releasing a video about the company and the cso meeting with bankers that will help lead ipo. executives practicing for the road show which kicks off next week. they'll pitch inventors on why they should buy shares of the company. hbo no longer just for premium customers. comcast will offer hbo part of a basic cable package including ten
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channels and innet channels for $50 a month. mozilla released a tool that awill yous which sites are tracking their internet use. it's a refresh of a previous tool. u.s. stocks sending s and p to a record high. your bloomberg silicon valley index falling led by a drop in yahoo shares. and ads on the way to instagram. the site says it will roll out a sample ad incoming weeks paid photos or videos will have a sponsored label, and instagram says brands that are great members of the community will be part of the ad rollout. from bloomberg studios in san francisco, i'm emily chang, larry, carolyn, back to you. >> thanks have a great weekend. up next, singer james tailor flubs the national anthem but
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recovers and gracefully >> and a baby panda just learned to
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oh, beautiful ♪ [ music ] oh, say can you see by the dawn's early light ♪ [ music ] >> did you catch that? james tailor sang first two words of" america the beautiful "supposed to be doing national anthem. he only got one word wrong since both songs start with the word" oh ". you know, good reason for the gaffe. he was scheduled to sing "america the beautiful" during the 7th inning stretch. >> what a pro. just keep going. we've got a record for you in a sport many of you probably didn't realize existed >> after completing seven spins in a jump in the sport of kite boarding. wow >> that is remarkable
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>> yes. each had five minutes to do spins one with the most was declared the winner of the world cup in china. >> i feel pretty good. it was pretty cool. >> yes. i'm dizzy watching. >> he says spinning isn't the hard part, sticking a landing is more difficult, and he says most important part in this. >> santa clara county takes action to deal with a pest >> and students after the death of a popular teacher. >> women getting ready to protest in saudi arabia. the warning from the country. >> major progress on the doyle drive project. we'll take you on avo: at volkswagen we believe everyone deserves a better car. and now, during the "sign then drive" sales event, you're closer to yours than ever. like the turbocharged tiguan the midsize passat
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so yso you can happily let the grlife get in the way,
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while planning for tomorrow. so you can finish the great american novel banking for the life you have investing for the life you want chase. so you can continuing coverage of break news nout a manhunt after an officer was shot this afternoon. we have just confirmed the officer is a federal immigration officer from ice. immigration, customs endorsement. they're saying the officer has been wounded. no word on what might
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have led up to the shooting. we'll bring more information as soon as we get it. our breaking news continues on twitter at abc7 news bay area. >> effort began to eradicate a dangerous pest in a south bay neighborhood . the oriental fruit fly. two were trapped in a residential neighborhood near des anno boulevard. david? >> well, the oriental fruit flies are fast breeders. they went out this morning setting traps that contains a sticky residue they say is irresistible to the male fruit fly. but it is bait and kills the fruit flies it is sprayed so it doesn't pose a risk to children or public at
4:31 pm
large. it's a native of south asian countries. it's believed someone may have brought contaminated fruit into the u.s. the mail is a target of the program, that tactic prevents a female from breeding. >> the female is not picky about where to lay eggs she'll lay eggs at 230 different kinds of fruits and vegetables she'll play about a -- lay about a thousand eggs. maggots are the problem, you can imagine the tomatoes are just infected with maggots. >> they. the stations have to be refresheder two weeks how long will this continue? it depends on the weather. the fruit fly goes dormant when cold. now, hundreds have to be set out throughout the area. the goal to set one every 200 feet. in cupertino, abc7 news
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>> thank you >> extra security on hand as students returned to high school in massachusetts for the first time since a popular math teacher was killed there. a 14-year-old student charged with the murder. one student saying she may have witnessed the last exchange between the teacher and her accused killer. marcy gonzales with more now. >> reporter: students returning to school today. to the scene where a beloved math teacher was murdered this week. the grief, evident everywhere. >> we can get through but it's not going to be the same. >> painted on cars and displayed at the entrance of the school, one of her favorite sayings. being good to people is a wonderful legacy to leave behind. that is how she is remembered a good person that stayed late to help, including one student says, on the day she was killed, eaching out to the 14-year-old charged in her death.
4:33 pm
>> he wasn't participating in place for a couple weeks. he's just been quiet. extra quiet. yes. yes. >> reporter: law enforcement tells abc news after school, he followed her in the womens' bathroom, killing wher a box cutter putting her body in a recycling bin and moving her to the woods the whole time, wearing a hat and gloves then, sources say he changed clothes and twoent a movie theater arrested hours later pleading not guilty. students are still struggling with cope with the crime today. >> it haunts me. i was in the building and i saw him after school, with her. >> counselors were at the school helping students work through grief. we're told extra security is in place to make sure
4:34 pm
students feel safe. >> in newton, connecticut schools began tearing down sandy hook elementary school. the demolition will take several weeks residents voted to destroy the old building and build a new one with $50 million in state money. >> the identity of the mystery girl living with a gypsy couple in greece has been determined >> the little girl is the daughter of a 35-year-old roma, gypsy woman from bulgaria. that woman came forward after the woman's -- girl's discovery made headlines many speculated she was a victim of human trafficking but the mother says she gave up the child because she was too poor to care for her. they are now trying to determine if she sold the child to the couple new information on the case of jonbenet ramsey. the 6-year-old found dead in her
4:35 pm
home december 26, 1996. the indictment against john and patsy ramsey came in 1999 for child abuse and being accessory to a crime. but district attorney at the time did not press charges saying there was insufficient evidence. >> women in saudi arabia plan to protest the decision that keeps them from driving.. saudi arabia is the only country where women don't drive. saudi women living abroad are among those leading efforts for change. >> when they tipped my car, i didn't change the plates. i'm planning very soon, to take this car and drive back home to saudi arabia. >> the saudi government promising severe consequences for women who participate as
4:36 pm
well as anyone caught offering support online could face a five-year prison term. still head more fallout for barneys how jay-z is at the center of the controversy after it was accused of racial profiling. >> this could be a cutest video. the protective mama panda after the baby learns to walk. >> adorable. i'm sandhya patel. weather looking g looking towards mount diablo, high clouds filtering the sun i'll let you know if the warm up will carry over into the weekend coming up. >> traffic not looking as good. this is a live shot of the skyway. heavy trying to get out of the city. that is traffic going to lower deck of the bay bridge head together east bay. not a lot better for folks heading towards 101
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to thosuffered in silence... hoped...
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and lived in a state of fear... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at or call 800-675-2607. take a look at this, catching an escaped monkey is not easy. that is what zoo yeerps faced when two escaped from the belfast zoo. you can see the monkey manages to take off w time to fire, the zoo keeper tried to tackle the primate the man who caught this on the cell phone called it the best
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rugby tackle he'd ever seen. two of the monkeys are still on the loose >> that was excellent tackle by the way. major cute alert. update on baby panda in taiwan that has been learning to walk. take a look. this is the latest video of the panda cub trying to move around. on her own now. she starts to make a break, mom says uh-uh. picks her up and drags her back. you're not going anywhere. come back here. a spokesperson says mama bears, you know what? they worry about their little ones just like humans do. >> that is adorable. i love it. pulling her back. >> let's check on the forecast now >> we have a fantastic weekend ahead. looking at live doppler seven, sun out. being filtered by high clouds passing through but doesn't look like rain over the weekend we'll have freeze watches and warnings running across southeast z tomorrow afternoon, remaining on the cool side.
4:41 pm
showers mid west to northeast. 62 atlanta. 64, dallas. you can tell fall is in the air. in california, the sun will be shining. state wide temperatures, palm springs, 93. 82 in los angeles after morning fog, looking at sunshine. 67 tahoe if you're heading there clouds part ways and we'll see the sun. 68 in monterey. here in the bay area, temperatures running higher than today. so we're going with low 80s inland. 70s around the bay and coast. enjoy the sun. if you're going to the raiders came they take on steelers and weather looks fantastic. mild, mid-60s coming up into upper 70s range. so no matter what plans are for the weekend looking good. >> yes >> nice >> coming up, caught on video
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the drive down the famous steps of a philadelphia museum >> brett favre. is his memory loss the result of a 20-year career in the nfl? career in the nfl? and the government taking i love watching tv outside. and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space. yeah, but i mean, how did you know? i researched. no, i-i told you. no. yeah! no. the importan and i got you this visor. you made a visor! yes! that i'll never wear. ohh. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for two years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible.
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investigators looking into a frightening accident in north carolina say the ride had previous problems. two of the five people injured last night at the north carolina state fair are in critical condition. witnesses say it happened as riders were trying to get off. >> i can tell you we had a complaint monday night. the ride inspectors did what they're supposed to. they checked it out. everything was working properly. >> the state officials will inspect it and the sheriff will conduct an investigation
4:46 pm
>> in philadelphia police looking for the driver of a black bmw convertible seen driving down the steps of museum of art. several people showed the bumpy ride down the >> fda approved a version of the painkiller hydrocodone. announcement one day after the fda says it would recommend stronger controls on the drugs containing hydrocodone. this week, fda asked consumers for help with a investigation into jerky treats
4:47 pm
making pets sick. proposed rule aims to protect all animal foods from disease causing bacteria. this could help stop transmission of contaminants that would cause people to get sick as well as pets. well, unfortunately sad news to report regarding larry, italian greyhound who got loose at sfo. he's dead the dog's temporary owner says the car hit the 2-year-old greyhound after the dog ran on to highway 101. the couple found the dog, took him to a vet, but he died. larry being blown to british columbia for adoption but the dog bolted when an air canada employee took him out of a crate at sfo. >> stunning admission by one of football's greatest players. >> brett favre admitting he suffered severe memory loss >> espn anchor lindsay sarniack
4:48 pm
has the story >> reporter: i went blank for a while. in my career. >> reporter: brett favre describing the last hit on the football field. there wasn't match that rat yeld him but in three years he admits what's happening off the field scares him. he sex peer yensing memory loss. >> i think after 20 years god only knows the toll. this is a little shocking for me. i couldn't remember my youth soccer. >> reporter: the nfl began keeping statistics in 1982. >> i'm going to try to live as close to normal life as i can. >> reporter: espn claiming 60% are the result of hell melt to
4:49 pm
helmet hits. the nfl institutes rules and penalties for these types of hits. for the nfl this, reopens the whole thing again. we're in the concussionera. and brett favre is now the poster child, if you will, for the issue. >> reporter: he made it clear he has no plans to return to the nfl. >> it's flattering but there is no way i'm going to do that. >> i think what is scary here is that he's only 44 years old. and it's not going to get better as he ages. >> no. it doesn't seem like . that we're learning more about dangers of concussion and this is startling to hear him talk about memory loss. >> yes. talking about a quarterback he was sacked 525
4:50 pm
times, think about impact running backs feel on every play. they're getting hit more. if this is what brett favre is going through now, just imagine in 10, 20 years? >> yes. imagine the league will be readdressing this. >> i'm not sure there is much they can do about it they can't legislate the contact out of the game. it's unfortunate. coming up, jay-z facing pressure to drop a fashion line with barneys as the retailer faces racial profiling. a 19-year-old african american man claims police handcuffed him and questioned him about his credit card after he bought a $349 belt. his carted was valid another 24-year-old pregnant woman describes something similar happening after buying a $2500 hand bag. a southern california dad behind a brilliant halloween
4:51 pm
costume appeared on "good morning america" toy talk about one of the hottest things on the web this week. >> maybe you saw it here. the 22-month-old dressed up in a spooky stick man costume. her dad is a photographer explaining how he came up with the idea use using led lights and velcro. >> i came up with the idea for snow boarding at night. i thought a two-foot stick man going to look hilarious iet does. this video generated nearly 8 million views since tuesday he says he wants to put another video out to show how to make similar costumes. >> yes. everybody is going to do . that have you to see the kid at night to work. if you just walk around during day? >> yes. yes. >> anyway, up next, work on doyle drive starting to take shape. abc7 news is the only one to show it to you. >> in the presidio it's been a
4:52 pm
year and a half since that massive two-day demolition of the old doyle drive we'll get a look at what is going on since then, coming up, live. >> i'm cheryl jennings. fbi calls this man a master what. he is doing on ebay that has federal agents
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
the project to replace doyle drive is beginning to take shape. for a look. we are live now in the presidio. heather? >> reporter: old doyle drive had to be torn down, but like the new bay bridge, the designers wanted to be not just functional, back to you beautiful. one key feature is on
4:56 pm
its way. engineers concentrating on tunnels now, hoping to get as much work done as possible.. this is into the main scope. first unstable has to be threw >> you can inject grout into the soil. it gives a mix >> reporter: concrete goes on top, followed by water proofing. the sheets are water proofing membrane. more steel rebar and concrete is followed by rebar rising up. it's the first step in building walls. when done, tunnels will be covered up again with native soils providing an uninterrupted view to the bay.
4:57 pm
this block will extend you'll go over roadway. then dropping back. so you can walk from main post to chrissy marsh. >> reporter: follow the light. it flies over doyle drive. showing transformation. >> you cover cars and and it's quieter. >> reporter: piles and columns going in for what will be another viaduct or bridge, side by side to the new one already in use. this caltrans rendering shows where to watch for night time alignment changes coming up m a few weeks the project gets ready to build and connect to the existing roadway. >> impressive >> going to be spectacular >> yes iet will be. yes. sometime, though. thanks for joining us for abc7 news at 4:00.
4:58 pm
>> and i'm larry beil. abc7 news at 5:00 begins right now. >> thank you. breaking news a federal officer is shot. a manhunt, underway. plus. >> they don't deserve this, they don't need to be gone. a distraught daughter after her parents are killed by a woman police say was driving drunk. plus, hundreds of students take to the streets over a shooting devenlg a young santa rosa teenager. >> i'm sandhya patel. warming up going into weekend i'll have temperatures coming up. >> breaking news in sacramento in the town of roseville. a federal immigration officer has been shot this, is a picture of the scene >> police say it happened after 3:00 this afternoon. the shooting victim is an agent with
4:59 pm
ice. u.s. immigration and customs enforcement. police saying he's alert and stable, which is a very positive sign >> yes. it is good to hear. an active search going on for one person believed to be armd and dangerous, still. search is in the area of riverside boulevard and 6th street. people who live in that area are being told to stay inside and lock doors. good evening, i'm cheryl jennings >> i'm dan ashley. now a menlo park couple we have breaking news in san francisco as well. >> that is right. this is a hand made explosive blew up and sent a homeless man to the hospital >> happened near jones street and golden gate avenue. police found it next to a man in the street. they say he's going to be okay. >> investigators treating this as an isolated incident but do not know motive yet.
5:00 pm
>> now, let's go to menlo park >> their daughter spoke with abc7 news. >> she's never going to be forgiven. we lost our parents because of her. >> that is the daughter talking about the suspected drunk driver who killed her parents. abc7 news joins us live tonight in menlo park. lillian? >> reporter: family members came to bring flowers and balloons that is where the couple was struck by a car last night. their children didn't learn about it until hours later. >> they are one of a kind, always helpful. >> the three can't believe their parents are gone.. it started getting late, children began to worry >> i came home at 11:00 he wart -- started to worry they said stay put they came about 30 minutes la


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